My book "Happy Interiors Recipes"

My book is designed for a wide range of readers- for all those, who are interested in interior design. It will help to prevent typical mistakes and to overcome the stereotypes when creating an interior, it will teach how to work with color and light, it will reveal the main principles of work on private and public interiors. This book is the first (not translated) book in Russian, which considers psychology peculiarities of Russian customers.
The training that Anna conducted for our company exceeded all our expectations. It was not only informative and useful but In her experienced hands, it was dynamic, creative and fun! It would be great if all the trainings were like this one!
Ellen Pinchuk - Director General Deputy, "Mikhailov and Partners"
In the course of training the most valuable thing for me was the following: to set realistic goals... Revelation: we are the mirror and we see is what we are. Everything is possible! Thank you for your sincerity, talent and generosity!!!
Nadezhda Ananyeva - interior designer, ranking among the Top 10,UDI member , a lecturer in the school-Studio "Details"
Это просто Библия декоратора! И настольная книга для всех, кто любит свой дом, хочет изменений, но не знает, с чего начать. Прочитала за один день, а вдохновилась на много дней вперед! В книге сосредоточена масса интересных и профессиональных решений для дома, которыми Анна легко делится, иллюстрируя их примерами из своих многочисленных проектов. Очень ждала эту книгу и не разочарована: ура, в России есть дизайн интерьера и настоящие профессионалы своего дела! Спасибо!!!
Елена Василенко - декоратор, координатор ОДИ (объединение декораторов интерьеров России)
For me the most valuable thing in the course of was Love with which Anna conducted the training. A powerful energy that gives me the strength to move forward only.
Julia Russkikh - interior designer, school-Studio "Details" graduate.
Theoretical knowledge acquired clarity, structure and turned into an instrument of action. Appeared Realization of allmightiness and that everything can be changed.
Thank you.
Veronica Andrejeva - interior designer, school-Studio "Details", lecturer
The training is useful! Thank You, Anya. Time has flown by, and this is an important indicator.
Irina Dymova - interior designer, ranking among the Top 10, member UDI, a lecturer in the school-Studio "Details"
Everything appeared valuable in the course of training! I learned about the tools of controlling one's own desires and life. I learned how to achieve goals. I spent two wonderful days in the warm company of people who have now become close people to me, and gained invaluable experience of communicating with strangers. Anya, thank you! I feel that I am changing and becoming happy, successful and rich.
Irina Tatarnikova - interior designer, organizer, school "Details"travel manager, member of the UDI.